PropNex Ambassadors

PropNex Ambassador

We enter into our second year of presenting the PropNex Ambassador Awards, honouring those who demonstrated a commitment to excellence, community involvement and outstanding performance. The 2013 recipients are exemplary individuals representing the best of the industry, professionals who have vision and created marvels in the real estate industry to leave a legacy for others to follow.

PropNex Ambassador 5-year or 10-year Awards recognizes individuals who have embodied excellence, loyalty, professionalism and especially for those who have carved a proven niche for themselves in the industry, while maintaining continuity of business and engagement with clients.

The Awards also celebrates the highest levels of achievement by individuals operating in all segments of the real estate industry. When this award was conceptualized in 2012, PropNex published 390-page coffee-table books and were widely distributed with many PropNex clients receiving a copy from the award winners.

In 2013, we are printing individual portfolios for each deserving awardees, in sharing about their achievements, awards and background of these winners.

Now well established in the real estate industry, the Award continues to grow with the quality of winners matching the energy and professionalism of the Singapore’s real estate industry.