PropNex Services

Soaring Consumer Confidence

Our emphasis over the years has always been on service excellence. Together with our commitment to provide dedicated service, it is what truly sets us apart from the rest. We spare no effort to ensure complete peace of mind for the consumer. From the point of contact to after-sales follow up, every moment is treated with exceptional care. With such tremendous focus on customer satisfaction, it is no surprise our brand name has come to be synonymous with one word—trust.

Certificate of Deposit Guarantee*

Our Certificate of Deposit Guarantee, exclusive to PropNex, is a legally binding document that guarantees buyers a return of up to $5,000 on their deposits. This is essential in cases where the seller is declared a bankrupt upon a successful property transaction. Such a measure further reinforces the fact that we go all out to protect you first. *Terms and conditions apply

Innovative Technology

Our insistence on using innovative technology allows us to stay ahead of the competition. These technical advancements include:

  • Comparative Market analysis databank
  • Financial planning software
  • Personal homepage for property marketing
  • Island-wide Residential Database
  • Agents’ Virtual Office with timely updates on company policies and personal records
  • Short Messaging System Broadcast for instantaneous communication with all / Targeted agents

Extensive training

Over 280 days per year are set aside for intensive training, development and workshops for each of our agents. This ensures that they are highly qualified and are able to consistently maintain high standards of professionalism. On top of that, we also invite expert speakers for our Quarterly Conventions to educate and motivate our associates.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

One integral feature of PropNex is that each and every agent is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance. Partnering Tenet Insurance, it is a collaboration that is exclusive to PropNex alone. It acts as a safety net for you and highlights our emphasis on giving you complete peace of mind—by always protecting you first.

Professional Development and Training

  • Rigorous training programmes and workshops
  • Motivational talks by well-known local and international speakers
  • Centralised in-house agents courses (CEHA, CES, CEA)
  • On the job training and coaching
  • Mentorship programme
  • Continued Professional Development

In-house Mediation and Disciplinary Boards

Our in-house team of legal consultants offer you a professional avenue for mediating property issues and disputes. On top of that, they are always on hand to offer legal advice and clarifications on whatever real estate issues you face.